Director: Zélie Durand-Khalifat
Screenwriters: Zélie Durand-Khalifat
Producers: Edwina Liard, Nidia Santiago
Editor: Eric Mauger
Image: Zélie Durand-Khalifat, Frederic Mocellin
Production design: Zélie Durand-Khalifat
Sound mix: Guillaume L’Hostis
Music: Nevil Bernard
Animator: Zélie Durand-Khalifat

Production: Ikki Films

Screening formats: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken languages: French
Subtitles: English


Inside the Sahara Palace hotel, silence, dereliction and sand. It’s in this fragile and out of time place that memories of an unknown grandfather appear.

(Premiere Statuses: WP – World, IP – International, NP – National, LP – Local)

Short Film Competition @ 33rd Cinema Jove FF (Spain, 22-29/06/18) – WP
Short Film Competition @ 03rd Way Down FF (USA, 19-21/10/18) – NP
Animated Documentaries @ 15th Animateka FF (Croatia, 03-09/12/18) – NP
Official Selection @ 14th Athens Animfest (Greece, 14-17/03/19) – NP
International Showcase @ 04th GLAS Animation Festival (USA, 21-24/03/19) – LP
Open Air Programme @ 31st FILMFEST DRESDEN ISFF (Germany, 09-14/04/19) – NP
B-Sides @ 20th cellu l'art SFF (Germany, 23-28/04/19) – LP
French Shorts Night @ 48th Molodist Kyiv IFF (Ukraine, 25/05-02/06/19) – NP
Competition Short Graduation Films @ 41st Annecy IAFF (France, 10-15/06/19) – NP
Archives of Memory Programme @ 12th Wiz-Art Lviv ISFF (Ukraine, 19-25/08/19) – NP
Special Program @ 11th Montreal Stop Motion FF (Canada, 16-22/09/19) – NP
Animation Competition @ 16th IN THE PALACE ISFF (Bulgaria, 19-26/09/19) – NP
Short Doc Competition @ 7th Bosphorus FF (Turkey, 18-25/10/19) – NP
Competition @ 1st Northern Lights FF (Australia, 24-26/10/19) – NP
Student Shorts: Animation Competition @ 42nd Denver FF (USA, 30/10-10/11/19) – LP
Hall Dreams @ 26th L'Alternativa – Barcellona IFF (Spain, 11-18/11/19) – LP