Plans for Love


Director: Claire Sichez
Screenwriter: Claire Sichez
Producers: David Braun, Edwina Liard, Nidia Santiago, Luc Tharin
Art Direction: Fanny Blanc
Editing: Santi Minasi
Animation: Denis Chapon, Capucine Latrasse, Eliott Moreau, David Wojcik
Compositing: Benjamin Bourreau
Score: Pierre Oberzkampf
Mathieu Z’Graggen
Colour: Daniel Gries
Sound Mixing: Régis Diebold

Production: Ikki Films
Co-production: Innervision

Screening formats: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken languages: French
Subtitles: English



After 20 years of living together, Carine, Fabrice and their son Simon have a well-ordered daily life. While Carine is restricted to household chores, Fabrice spends his time watching tele- vision. Each in a different space, their eyes no longer meet.

(Premiere Statuses: WP – World, IP – International, NP – National, LP – Local)

Competition Nationale @ 45th Annecy IAFF (France, 14-19/06/2021) – WP
International Competition @ 9th Insomnia IAFF  (Russia, 14-19/07/21) – NP
Animated Short Films Competition @ 11th Supertoon (Croatia, 19-23/07/21) – NP
Main Competition @ 19th Imaginaria (Italy, 23-28/08/21) – NP
Sguardi Animati @ 2nd Capri Movie IFF (Italy, 15-18/09/21)
Short Competition @ 45th Ottawa IAFF (Canada, 22/09-03/10/2021) – IP
Animation Competition @ 5th Bolton IFF (UK, 22/09-03/10/2021) – NP
Best Short in Competition @ 10th VAF – Viborg AF (Denmark, 27/09-03/10/2021) – NP
Adults’ Program Competition @ TIAF – Tbilisi IAFF (Georgia, 30/10-02/11/21) – NP
Panorama @ 20th ANIMA – Córdoba IAF (Argentina, 4-10/10/2021) – NP
Official Competition @ 11th Animage (Brazil, 12-17/10/21) – NP
Official Selection @ 30th Voix de Femmes (Belgium, 14-30/10/21) – NP
EBS Special Prize in Short Film Competition @ 23rd Bucheon IAFF (South Korea, 22-26/10/21) – NP
VedoAnimato competition @ 26th Linea d’Ombra (Italy, 23-30/10/21)
Short Film Competition @ 11th Kuandu IAF (Taiwan, 24-30/10/21) – NP
Second Mention International Short Film Award in Official Competition @ 7th Bit Bang Fest (Argentina 25/10-05/11/21) – NP
Competition Courts-métrages @ 15th Voix d’Etoiles (France, 27-30/10/21)
Official Competition @ 24th PÖFF Shorts (Estonia, 16-24/11/21) – NP
Official Selection @ 10th Terre(s) d’images (France, 18-21/11/21)
Special Mention of the Jury in Official Competition @ 3rd Ce L’Ho Corto FF (Italy, 24-28/11/21)
Best of the World @ 19th Animateka International Animated Festival (Slovenia, 28/11-04/12/21) – NP
International Animation Panorama @ 19th Bogoshorts – Bogotá SFF (Colombia, 7-14/12/21) NP