The Netherlands

Directors: Vincent Tilanus
Producers: Loes Komen, Eva Verweij
Writers: Vincent Tilanus
DOP: Eva Heinsbroek
Sound Design: Tom Jansen
Production Design: Hanneke Wind
Editor: Tobias Cornelissen
Colour: Qianwei Tong
Cast: Laura Bakker, Mieneke Bakker, Dennis Rudge, Hanneke van der Paard, Eran Ben-Michaël, Gerson Oratmangoen

Production: Room for Film

Screening formats: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken language: Dutch
Subtitles: English


Young illustrator Lorah dreamed of becoming a successful artist one day but is now struggling to recover from burnout. While staying with her mother, she starts working in the warehouse run by her mother's boyfriend. Whilst trying to balance her recovery with her eagerness to get back to work in her own profession, Lorah meets successful colleague Emily whom she greatly admires. However, her frustrations and impatience grow by the minute when she's confronted with proof that this is not yet her time to shine.

(Premiere Statuses: WP – World, IP – International, NP – National, LP – Local)

Nederlands Film Festival (The Netherlands, 24/09-02/10/2021) – WP/NP