Austral Fever


Director: Thomas Woodroffe
Scriptwriters: Thomas Woodroffe, Camila Aboitiz, Gabriel Goicoechea
Producers: Joaquín Echeverría, Pascual Mena, Rodrigo Díaz
Cinematographer: Emilia Martín
Editors: Camila Aboitiz, Gabriel Goicoechea
Sound designers: Catalina Mateluna, Roberto Espinoza
Visual Effects: Franklin Sepúlveda
Set designer: Rafael Pontigo
Costume designer: Franklin Sepúlveda
Actors: Francisca Gavilán, Nicolás Sobarzo, Roberto Villena, José Soza

Production: Escuela de Cine y Televisión – Universidad de Chile, Brisa, Apolillado

Screening formats: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken languages: Spanish
Subtitles: English, Italian


Amanda, a complaisant and lonely woman in her mid-fourties, lives with Daniel, her sixteen-year-old son, in the mountains of southern Chile. Octavio, a friend of Daniel, is accidentally injured while hunting in the forest. Amanda takes over the healing sessions, developing an intimate bond between them. They discover that the contact with the wound produces an addictive pleasure.

(Premiere Statuses: WP – World, IP – International, NP – National, LP – Local)

Orizzonti Corti @ 76th Venice FF (Italy, 28/08-07/09/19) – WP
Short Cuts @ 44th Toronto IFF (Canada, 05-15/09/19) – NP
Special Mention in Nest Film Students Competition @ 67th San Sebastian IFF (Spain, 20-28/09/19) – NP
Narrative Shorts @ 57th New York FF (USA, 27/07-13/10/19) – NP
Best Short in Latin-American Shorts @ 26th FICValdivia (Chile, 07-13/10/19) – NP
Uppsala Ingmar Bergman Award in International Competition @ 38th Uppsala ISFF (Sweden, 21-27/10/19) – NP
Panorama Latinoamericano @ 29th Curta Cinema IFF (Brazil, 30/10-06/11/19) – NP
Festivals in the spotlight @ 17th Zagreb FF (Croatia, 07-17/10/19) – NP
International Competition @ 42nd Poitiers FF (France, 29/11-06/12/19) – NP
International Short Competition @ 12th Janela IFF (Brazil, 06-11/11/19)
Soy loco por ti America @ 11th Lobo Fest (Brazil, 19-22/12/19)
Short Competition @ 41st La Habana FF (Cuba, 05-15/12/19) – NP
Short Competition @ 12th Chilean Cinema FF (Chile, 11-24/01/20)
International Competition @ 32nd FILMFEST DRESDEN ISFF (Germany, 21-26/04/20) – NP