Cast: Clare Barrett, Olwen Fouéré
Director &
Screenwriter: Aisling Conroy
Producer: Claire Lennon
Art Direction: Aisling Conroy, Alan Holly
Character Design: Cora McKenna
Background Design: Muireann Mills
Backgrounds: Muireann Mills, Jack O’Shea, Aisling Conroy, Alan Holly
Storyboards & Editing: Alan Holly, Aisling Conroy
Animation Lead: Cora McKenna
Animation: Josh O’Caoimh, Mikai Geronimo, Rory Byrne, Alan Holly, Aisling Conroy
Colouring: Aisling Conroy
Compositing & VFX: Jack O’Shea
Sound Design: Michelle Fingleton
Music Composer: Shane Holly with arrangements by Ros O’Meara, Cormac MacDiarmada
Music Performers: Shane Holly, Ros O’Meara, Cormac MacDiarmada
Music Mix: Paul Finan
Voice Recording: Mark Fitzpatrick at Gorilla Post
Sound Mix: Shane O’Toole at Gorilla Post
Title Design: Glen O’Rourke
Concept Art: Kirsten Shiel
Production Manager: Carla Vulpiani
Production Coordinator: Alan Holly
Executive Producer for Screen Ireland: Emma Scott
Executive producer for RTÉ: Pauline McNamara
Shorts Co-ordinator for Screen Ireland: Jill McGregor
Marketing Executive for Screen Ireland: Mags O’Sullivan
Development Executive for Screen Ireland: Eimear Markey

Production: and maps and plans studio ltd.

Screening formats: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken language(s): English
Subtitles: English, Italian



A woman questions her lifestyle choices when the travails of urban
living are one day jolted into juxtaposition with a simpler way of life.

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